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I cordially invite you to take the “Test Drive.”

Studies have shown that most people who buy these types of books only read the first chapter. The book doesn’t live up to the sales pitch, so it’s over quickly.

Let’s you and I take a different approach. Read the foreword and first chapter. They are short and sweet. You can quickly see if it is valuable to you right now.

Then if you want to continue the journey, there is a very friendly price. You may feel that you already have gotten your money’s worth. When you make the decision to buy, it’s totally for your reasons, not a slick sales pitch.

The journey is dynamic. It starts out as My Book. It quickly evolves into Our Book. Toward the end, it becomes Your Book.

Please enjoy the journey, and I look forward to joining you along the way.

Picture of me at my 80th birthday. This was a virtual birthday. I was at the garage. My daughter and son, their spouses and a few grandchildren were on the sidewalk.

What will you learn from this book?

Every journey starts with a first step. This book guides you through the first step and gives you the tools to take it to the last.
  • 1
    Bill's Laws

    This book is filled with wisdom I believe in, and I hope that it resonates with you too

  • 2
    Be One Inch Better

    We will go together through a journey in becoming One Inch Better with every step.

  • 3
    Kuehn’s Knowledge

    Every chapter is like its own journey, with interconnecting pathways and laws.

  • 4
    Make Life Simpler

    My goal is simple. To make your life simpler and easier, because what I have learned from it can be passed on to you, and you can get a head start!

Take a Bite before the Dish

Don’t try the whole meal. The Forward is like taking an appetizer first. An Amuse- Bousche!
In the First Chapter you are listening to a 26 year old Naval Officer who learned a remarkable life lesson right in the middle of a terrible war.



Moses was 80 years old when God called him to do very remarkable things. I’m 80 years old! I’m happy and healthy with an exciting future. Moses lived to be approximately 127 when God has something else in mind for him. God had him climb to the top of a mountain and Moses went on to his next assignment.

Turning 80 has been very positive for me. First, I made it! When I was a kid most people conveniently died in their 60’s. If they went beyond 60 typically they didn’t do much. Wow, has it changed! I saw a fantastic commercial promoting early financial planning. It went something like this – We’re coming to you from Yorba Linda California where there are more people over 100 in great shape than anywhere else in America. It showed a man chinning himself and others swimming laps in the pool. What a wonderful picture!

I am and have been a layperson all my life, and I have learned from the experts. My accomplishment is being happy and healthy at this age. I know deep in my heart I have a destiny. It includes improving myself, having a fun life and sharing it with others as well. Then we can all keep the “little kid” alive and well inside of us.

All chapters are very short. A key point will be made quickly. The last page of each chapter is just for you. It is called – My One Inch and My Law. When you put your free thoughts down it becomes Your Book. Consider writing your own book. This material will give you a jump start.

Thanks for reading the foreword. Amuse-Bouche is a culinary term that gives a taste of what the dinner is going to be like. Like an appetizer. One that keeps you wanting more in anticipation, that is, if the amuse-bouche is this good, you are going to wonder how great the rest of the meal is going to be! If this foreword wets your appetite.  I would merely say – Bon Appetite!

Chapter 1: One Inch Better

On my second tour in Viet Nam, what felt like a trivial, but ultimately powerful thing occurred that paid off for the rest of my life, and I still remember it as if it was yesterday. To be fair, I don’t often remember what happened yesterday all that well, but this particular thing had a lasting impact. I was a Naval Officer on the USS Carter Hall LSD-3, a landing ship dock in the US Navy. Our mission was to mount an amphibious assault. I was the Supply Officer, handling the business portion of the ship. Our skipper, Captain Johns sent me to Boat School. All the participants, except for me, were line officers. This was very unusual. Despite all that, I came out number one in the class. This made me the BGC – Boat Group Commander for the squadron. The job was to lead the first wave of assault boats into the beach. In the beginning of the class the instructor got our attention by telling us that the attrition rate of the BGCs on D Day was 100% – that is a 100% killed. Someone tried pointing out that it is not attrition, it is a massacre. That did not impress the instructor one bit.
I led two landings in Chu Lai. I was lucky. I was never shot at. I believe I bought that attrition rate right back down then.

Our ship was mainly stationed in Da Nang. We were the Boat Haven. We would repair small boats that off loaded supplies from larger ships.

Every night at sun down there was a special detail to protect our ship from swimmers. The enemy used swimmers to attack ships with mines. We would “Splash a Picket Boat” – that is navy talk for putting a high speed motor craft in the water to circle the ship to look for swimmers. We were heavily armed including a few concussion grenades generously provided to us. There was one officer and three enlisted men assigned to each watch.

One night my team had the 8 to 12 watch. We assembled on deck to review our plans. There was a sailor named Daron. I asked why he was here because he wasn’t scheduled. He told me that Smity wanted to see the movie so he was standing his watch. Movies are shown each night on board ship. It kept our sanity, which was good for the sailors. Staying sane when you spend months at sea is good to keep doing your job well.

During the watch we all have to be very alert at all times, and this would always lead to boredom. We often filled in the boredom by talking. We could not risk pulling out a deck of cards or anything. Talking distracted us sure, but it kept us wary nonetheless. You learn interesting things talking to people when you are on watch. “Daron, how much are you getting paid to stand this watch?” I asked him. “Twenty bucks.” He said to me. “I’m also standing watch on the bow.” I had never seen him on watch. So my next line of questioning was obvious. “How does that work?” I asked him. “I got twenty and then found someone to do it for ten.” Daron said, without batting an eye. Of course, the good old capitalist tradition. He was sub-contracting.

Daron also ran a slush fund. That is a loan office. Many sailors gamble in card games. The ones that come up short need a short term loan. For example, they need a little bit of money, say, twenty dollars. Daron would give that twenty and receive twenty five at the next payday. It was a brilliant little scheme. He would never ask for double or any huge sum. Just skimming a little over the top, a little bit of extra change under the counter. Part of my job was to pay the officers and crew every two weeks. After everyone was paid I would observe money shifting all over the ship. Then Daron would go to the post office and send home the money orders. He was making hundreds of dollars right in the middle of a war!

Now, let’s think about this. Was Daron brilliant? Well, I don’t want to give him that much credit. But, was he one inch better than the other sailors? So, well, yes! He was brilliant!

This experience has served me, my family and friends and clients very well. Bill’s Law, as I now call it, worked in a simple yet brilliant way. “You don’t have to be brilliant just One Inch Better”.

We can have lots of ‘One Inches’. One for work, playing sports, talking to your kids, and much more. There is another powerful force at work. Our mind doesn’t fight us when we move just one inch. Change often brings anxiety and other things, and your mind is rarely prepared for that. Also, this is how we build momentum. My one inch is – no matter how challenging the situation – we can help us find one positive item to build on. It is essentially taking things one step at a time. Like a turtle, you go slow and steady. It might be a race, or it might not. That doesn’t matter. All that matters, is that you are One Inch Better.

A special note. Your will now have a chance to “Capture Your Moment” by jotting down a few ideas. This is Super Important because when I would read a good book I would highlight key sentences. When I would finish the book I would reread the highlights. I was disappointed. Something was different. The difference was the emotion and passion were no longer there. So, here’s the solution. Write your ideas. Write your truths. In the future you will reread your ideas. It is your book. You own it. Sooner or later you will get to achieve those ideas, bring them to life. The joy of achievement comes One Inch at a Time.

Chapter One – One Inch Better

This one is all about me, and how I learned to be One Inch Better, so you can too. Your life is always a journey, so take the first steps slowly, One Inch at a Time.

Chapter Two – A Formula for Success

Knowledge plus skill times attitude equals success, and here, I will tell you how you can achieve success by focusing on a positive attitude.

Chapter Three – Life is Action, Youth is Flexibility

If your life is a journey, then you need to make sure you can keep on walking. This chapter encourages you to take the reins, and be the active something in the game of life.

Chapter 4: Common Sense to Common Practice

It is the one thing, the one title that is undeniably the best one that I have ever gotten in life. It is what my children call me, no matter how young or old they are.

Chapter 5: Never Pay for Lunch Unless

The earlier the better, but at the same time, it would be remiss to acknowledge that even the age of eighty doesn’t mean you can’t make new friends that you feel like you’ve known since forever.

Chapter 6: Go Through the Wall of Fire

After all the healthy stuff I did this is totally unfair. You see, a few ways to prevent colon cancer is to not smoke, eat healthy, not to drink excessively, and all that.

Chapter 7: Longevity

Like to say, “Love me or hate me, but don’t ignore me.” That is my personal swagger. We all need to have a desire for our own personal swagger!

Chapter 8: Simply Communicate and Communicate Simply

Good communicators don’t waste time. They make their point with clarity and in a way that is easy to understand.

Chapter 9: Performing Miracles on Your Own

Life is not all good, even if you adopt the best practices. In fact, when things turn sour, that is when you are truly put to the test. If you are sailing through life with no obstacle in your way, you don’t really get better.

Chapter 10: The Universe Rewards the Brave

Let’s start with the truth. That it’s not just about us. Of course, we start with the person in the mirror. Once we make a better version of ourselves we can positively benefit people around us without being Preachy.

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    The Universe Rewards the Brave

    A special invitation to take a test drive of the forward and the first three chapters.

    The purpose of this book is to connect with likeminded and very positive people who plan be on this earth for quite a while and know they will have health and joy.

    Bill is an average guy with a powerful positive attitude which he learned from his father (Al) starting when he was a happy little kid. He learned from experts and now at 80 he wants to connect and share the stuff that works with you.

    The Universe Rewards the Brave

    A special invitation to take a test drive of the forward and the first chapter.

    The purpose of this book is to connect with like-minded and very positive people who plan to be on this earth for quite a while and know they will have health and joy.

    Bill is an average guy with a powerful positive attitude which he learned from his father (Al) starting when he was a happy little kid. He learned from experts, and now at 80, he wants to connect and share the stuff that works with you.